Best New Car Lease Deals for March 2022

Deals are slim, so try these economical sedans and crossovers from around $200 per month.

There aren't many good pickings for new car leases, so this month, we've tried to find eight vehicles we'd put up with for the next 24 to 36 months until things return to some semblance of normal.

We're heavy on sedans because many automakers are pushing sedans as inventories of other models remain tight and transaction prices remain high. Avoiding dealer markups during this unprecedented, upside-down market is key—and a manufacturer-backed lease special may be your best way to get a new car without overpaying. Bear in mind there are plenty of unattractive deals (would you like a Toyota Avalon for $519 a month?) as a car industry with fewer cars to sell tries desperately to wring as much profit out of each sale as it can.

While you're at it, read our leasing guide. We've covered everything that may get glossed over in the showroom: advertising fees, money factors, residuals, legal implications, and all the other fine print that could cost you thousands more than you'd expect. When comparing similar cars, be aware that a lower monthly price often demands more money up front. As with any national lease special, enter your ZIP code on an automaker's website to check if these deals apply to your area. Prices may be higher or lower depending on the region. Research is always your friend.


Mazda CX-30

$169 per month/$2999 at signing
24 months/20,000 miles

For a small, all-wheel-drive crossover, you're not going to find a better lease than this base CX-30. Many other leases we found in this category were for front-wheel-drive models that can't come close to matching the Mazda's style and driving comfort. Compared to the larger CX-5, the CX-30 is cramped for four people—those large rear doors are deceiving—but outside, it's much sleeker and has LED turn signals that mimic the slow fade-out of halogen bulbs. Design details like that are why we gravitate to Mazda (plus good steering and high-quality interiors).


Ram 1500

$329 per month/$3408 at signing
24 months/20,000 miles

Ram still leads Ford and GM for ride quality, handling, and its well-appointed interiors. Despite the Silverado 1500's and Sierra 1500's 2022 refresh, and the F-150's redesign for 2021, the Ram 1500 is the truck we'd recommend. This lease is for a Big Horn 4x4 with the crew cab and standard bed. It also leaves enough leeway for adding several thousand dollars in options, so you won't be left with a base truck.


Toyota Corolla

$209 per month/$2999 at signing
30 months/30,000 miles

A Corolla on steelies is not the same Corolla on steelies of 10 years ago. For starters, it's way better equipped (with 10 airbags, including rear side airbags that even luxury cars don't include as standard, and adaptive cruise with active steering). Just like the current Camry, the latest Corolla is more entertaining to drive, thanks to Toyota's renewed effort on handling and chassis dynamics in its bread-and-butter cars. We prefer the midrange SE with the six-speed manual—if you can find such a unicorn in stock.


Honda Civic

$219 per month/$3199 at signing
36 months/30,000 miles

The better small-sedan alternative is the Civic, which sees a complete redesign for 2022. The Audi-like interior is better than most late-model A3s that cost twice as much as this Civic Sport (which comes with 18-inch black wheels, proximity key, and driver assists such as lane-keeping). It's not quite as sporty as the Civic Sport Hatchback, which has Honda's superb six-speed manual, nor does it have the torque-rich turbo engine of the EX. You'll also need to own a 2012 or newer Honda to qualify for this offer.


Kia Forte

$189 per month/$2799 at signing
36 months/30,000 miles

The Kia Forte has come a long way since its 2009 debut. While the name still may not inspire envy, Kia's sharper styling, newly standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus improved suspension tuning make the Forte attractive without even mentioning the long warranty. Kia also continues to offer the most flexible lease deals on nearly every car. Want this Forte LXS for 24 months? It costs $10 less per month and a couple hundred more at signing. We wish all automakers sold lease deals this way.


Subaru Legacy

$215 per month/$2899 at signing
36 months/30,000 miles

For the ultimate sedan value, look no further than the Subaru Legacy. This offer costs less than the Civic and Corolla on a car with more space and all-wheel drive. A couple things to note, however: This base trim has some old-school features, including a metal ignition key and two Nintendo-style screens set into a plasticky dash. But at this price, especially given Subaru's safety ratings, there's no better all-weather sedan.


Chevrolet Trailblazer

$219 per month/$4789 at signing
24 months/20,000 miles

For a short city car with an even shorter time commitment, check out the Trailblazer, which reminds us of the Suzuki SX4 crossover from the late 2000s. It's among the smallest SUV-like hatchbacks with all-wheel drive (and a wee 1.3-liter three-cylinder engine that actually moves just fine—thank the turbo). This base LT isn't as well equipped as the Hyundai Kona or Nissan Kicks, so be aware that you don't get a whole lot of features for that high signing payment. Style, small size, and safety are on the Trailblazer's side.

Land Rover

Range Rover Evoque

$699 per month/$3995 at signing
36 months/30,000 miles

To illustrate another side of "lease deal," consider a Trailblazer-type vehicle, priced 75 percent higher. That's the base-model Evoque S, the cheapest and smallest Range Rover, a model that's never reached the same popularity here as it has in Europe. In most wealthy American metropolises, people either drive the big Rovers or go broke trying. Still, this lease also allows an upgrade to the R-Dynamic SE, which adds 20-inch wheels, leather, Meridian stereo, and blind-spot monitoring.

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