every offroad vehicle 2022
Every Off-Road-Ready Truck and SUV for 2022

Check out the Ram TRX, Land Rover Defender, or Jeep Gladiator Mojave for over 11 inches of ground clearance.

Jan 22, 2022
2021 fordf150 with onboard scales
Ford F-150 Earns A 2021 IIHS Top Safety Pick
New headlight options on higher trim levels of the 2021 F-150 promoted the truck to a Top Safety Pick, making it one of two large picku…
Oct 12, 2021
truck pulling out of gas station at night   drone shot
Congress Considers Rule Change for Teen Truckers

The pilot program would allow drivers as young as 18 to try a career in long-haul trucking.

Sep 10, 2021
2022 chevrolet silverado 1500 zr2
The Silverado ZR2's 8 Best Features
It's got a massive front-end treatment, great shocks, and ZR2-specific 33-inch tires, but the new Chevy truck is just as impressive on …
Sep 10, 2021
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max towing capacity 2021
Best Trucks for Max Towing

How much weight a pickup can pull is all that really matters.

Aug 20, 2021
2017 ford f 150 raptor
Quickest Pickup Trucks We've Ever Tested

The quickest on the list weighs over 6800 pounds and is quicker than a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4.

Feb 11, 2022
every 2022 fullsize pickup ranked from worst to best
Every Full-Size Pickup Truck Ranked

We sort every full-size pickup truck foreign and domestic from worst to best so you don't have to.

Nov 10, 2021
every midsize pickup ranked 2021
Mid-Size Pickup Trucks Ranked

The Toyota Tacoma and Jeep Gladiator are the only trucks left in the U.S. to offer a manual transmission.

Aug 18, 2021
Black, Darkness, Grey, Monochrome, Black-and-white,
Best Pickups Under $5000: Window Shop with C/D

In this week's episode, we argue over what's the best used pickup truck out there for under $5000.

Oct 2, 2020
trim levels include xl, xlt, lariat, king ranch, platinum and limited, in addition to raptor law enforcement can choose the f 150 police responder – the industry’s first and only pursuit rated pickup, giving agencies a more versatile and capable patrol vehicle
How to Buy the Pickup That's Right for You

We examine the pricing pyramid, configuration combinations, tow and payload ratings, and powertrain options.

May 23, 2020
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How We'd Spec It: The Trucks C/D Editors Would Buy

Last month, truck sales surpassed those of cars for the first time ever. These are the trucks we would have bought.

May 14, 2020
The Cheapest Trucks You Can Buy for 2022

While many of today's pickups are fancier than ever, there are still affordable versions of new trucks to be found.

Nov 9, 2021
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best used trucks to buy for less than 10k
Best Used Trucks for under $10,000

Need to move a lot of earth and keep your car payments low? These used trucks can do it all for less.

Sep 28, 2020
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Big-Three Light-Duty Diesel Pickup Brawl

The light-duty Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, and Ram 1500 fight for trailer-towing, fuel-sipping supremacy.

Jan 17, 2020
jeep gladiator and toyota 4runner
2020 Jeep Gladiator vs. 2019 Toyota 4Runner

These two rugged utility vehicles can manage the daily slog yet excel when the pavement ends.

Jul 12, 2019
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Ford Ranger vs. Gladiator, Colorado, Ridgeline

We hook up the trailer, head out on the highway, and hit the mud in four of the hottest littlish (i.e. mid-size) trucks on the market.

May 1, 2019
chevrolet silverado 1500 vs ford f 150 vs ram 1500
Chevrolet Silverado vs. Ram 1500 vs. Ford F-150

We compare Detroit's finest pickups to find out which is best.

Dec 26, 2018
visual history of the ford fseries
Ford's F-Series Pickup Truck History

A generational breakdown of America's best-selling vehicle, the Ford F-series.

collage of jeeps throughout history
Visual History of Jeep Pickups, from 1947 to Today

Dig the Gladiator pickup? Get a load of the brand's bed-tastic history, which is filled with classic trucks.

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Put to Bed: These Are the Forgotten Pickup Trucks
Not all pickup trucks are a dime a dozen; plenty of oddballs have existed over the years that failed to really make a dent in the Ameri…
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The Visual History of Ford’s Compact Pickups

Nearly a century after entering the pickup segment, Ford is returning to its compact-truck roots.

ford f 150 lightning and chevrolet silverado ev
Every Electric Pickup Truck on the Horizon

Ford's F-150 Lightning and Chevy's Silverado EV aren't the only battery-powered pickups that are coming soon.

Jan 12, 2022